Laboratory Services

It takes special expertise to understand pediatric reference ranges. It takes even greater expertise to develop them.


Medical professionals all agree that children require special care. And because our staff is dedicated to pediatrics, we have a higher level of understanding.  

  • Our exceptionally trained pediatric phlebotomists will always provide special care and attention to your child.

  • We develop customized pediatric reference ranges that correspond to our own instrumentation, leading to better diagnoses, treatments and outcomes.

  • We use micro-sampling instrumentation to allow for more accurate results on small samples (and our pediatric blood draw expertise means fewer “sticks”).
  • We conduct weekly disease trend reports to physicians, contributing to earlier detection.
  • Extensive medical and doctoral staff are available to answer questions and consult regarding rare and difficult findings.

Laboratory Service Centers


See a complete printable list of all locations. 

Respiratory Pathogen Report

Check out the weekly report of respiratory pathogens.

Fingerstick Procedure
Fingerstick Procedure